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5 Dec 2018
Millions of teenagers are struggling with anxiety because many have not learned how to cope with the pressures of life. The number of young men like this is growing. Usually, these 'broken boys' are from low-skilled backgrounds but this nihilistic infection is creeping into the more higher skilled strata of men. High-skilled people with intellect and motivation that can do wider harm with prolonged planning. Horrifyingly, each of these 'attacks' helps expand this chaotic landscape which twists more people into this void-driven worldview. Look at the difference between the school shooter in Florida versus the smart planner in Las Vegas.

There is a reason the death count of these 'attacks' is growing and it is because this infection and anti-social behavior is expanding into the middle class/upper class who can commit to intricate methodical planning and more funding to cover it. These are your future mass shooters, murderers, terrorists and deranged outsiders hellbent on expressing that bottomless rage on others as a last fuck you to the world they've come to despise. This is going to get worse and worse. It will become common and when the economy collapses from the pressure of debt and toxic assets within the bloated global market, these 'broken boys' will reign supreme.

The social crisis must be addressed, family and community must be fixed, the division of the sexes must end and boys must be allowed to express their masculine urges in a positive manner. Men need wives and children. Women need husbands and children. Communities need families. Society needs communities. No amount of mental health funding or virtue signaling can counter this infectious cancer eating away at the current fringes of society.

If this is not addressed, the economic fragility of liberal economic market will inevitably break and release a maelstrom of barbaric instigators. Civilization will end and we will enter a neo-dark age that will take decades if not a century or more to recover from. This is a civilization emergency and I fear that no one is listening.

Suicide amongst teenagers has rapidly increased from the 1950s onward and peaked in the mid 90s. It slowly diminished but is on the rise again. It still remains up to 4x higher than 1950. Up to 40% of households have single parent families, and rising exponentially each year. Crime rates skyrocketed in the 1960s and peaked in the mid 90s, only lowering due to increased abortion rates and mass spikes in incarceration leading to a 900% increase in incarceration from the 80s to the 90s.

There is no denying communal breakdown. White flight, ghettos, mass immigration have all deeply harmed centuries old communities. Crime kills communities which then leads to poverty and inescapable crime culture which creates communities that increasingly views law enforcement as opposition.



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