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28 Feb 2020
Companies hire motivational speakers for a number of reasons. Your sales may be hurting, your morale may be low, you may be facing big changes that could negatively impact the employees’ working conditions. While motivational speakers can’t fix a problem in 45-60 minutes, they can alter attitudes and put a company on the first step towards a better situation.

When it comes down to it, your event, no matter what theme or activities you choose to include, is there to create unity among your staff and to reward employees for their hard work. There’s only so much you can do at the office to say thank you. A motivational speaker can show your employees just how important they are to your organization.

Why Are Motivational Speakers...

28 Feb 2020
As a life coach, I have been asked to deliver many keynotes at business functions and conferences where I have spoken on the subject of motivation, anxiety, and depression. As I have been traveling quite often, many of my colleagues have asked me whether or not they should entertain such offers and I always give them a resounding "Yes!".

Keynote speakers are instantly positioned as experts which helps increase your credibility. But if you are not familiar with such a genre, I will explain.

What is a keynote speaker?

Indeed, the term comes from music: a capella artists need to hear a note to get the tune of a melody right. That turned into the key note. The word continued from music to the characterizing introduction at an occasion, and it...

5 Dec 2018
Millions of teenagers are struggling with anxiety because many have not learned how to cope with the pressures of life. The number of young men like this is growing. Usually, these 'broken boys' are from low-skilled backgrounds but this nihilistic infection is creeping into the more higher skilled strata of men. High-skilled people with intellect and motivation that can do wider harm with prolonged planning. Horrifyingly, each of these 'attacks' helps expand this chaotic landscape which twists more people into this void-driven worldview. Look at the difference between the school shooter in Florida versus the smart planner in Las Vegas.

There is a reason the death count of these 'attacks' is growing and it is because this infection and...

20 Oct 2018
So many people get frustrated because they are having a hard time achieveing their goals. Whether it is their career, finances, health, love life, or emotional well-being, very few people are actually moving forward and accomplishing what they say they want to accomplish. So why are so many people suffering? Because it all comes down to habits and self discipline. Very few people are growing up learning these skills at a young age so they struggle when they get older.

Learning Life Skills

Training for a skill is "Chimp" behavior.  Yes, you could build the Chimp up, but as soon as you throw a curve ball (new audience) the Chimp gets nervous and it can take over.  Listen to the Chimp and practice but allow your Human to be the evaluator of...

20 Oct 2018
When it comes to becoming a mature and healthy well-adjusted adult, nothing is more important than building self confidence. I think true confidence really only stems from ignorance, or absolute blind luck manifested as repetitive achievement giving you no cause to have doubts. growth can only come from acceptance of possibility of failure, not believing it will never happen  - which is where many peoples confidence comes from. Self confidence is the key to success. People often feel that if they do something others will judge them if they mess up and so they don’t even try. But when you have self confidence you don’t care, you mess up and you try again.

What Is Self Confidence?

My life coach taught me this...

Confidence comes from...